Hell's Bells

HELP IT'S AN EMERGENCY! @ October 20th, 2010, 11:05 pm

I was a bit iffy about posting this here, because it's supposed to be about my comic and not all my other art shenanigans, but I hope it's hidden enough to not be bothersome, but noticed enough so I can get some help.

I recently had an accident...with my car...and I barely have enough funds to cover the costs to fix it and almost no money survive the rest of the school quarter.

So if you didn't know, I also do commissions, and I just wanted you guys to know that there is a special going on, so this is your chance to get a great deal and cheap commissions! I've never been stuck in this situation before, and I really don't know where else to turn to, so any little thing will help me get me out of this financial crisis.

The cheapest deals I have going on for now are $5 quicksketches (these are basic busts that can be done within a day) and two-color busts for $10 each!

If you wanna do a more complex commission with me, please check out my journal on DA at this link! http://pigeonstar.deviantart.com/journal/35347577/

I also have some exclusive Hell's Bells prints as well, so if you're interested, please note me!

Thanks in advance! The support will be much appreciated!

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LOOK AT ME!!! @ September 14th, 2010, 3:11 pm

I doubt anyone will read this section, because it's already been established that it's never really paid attention to anyway, BUT, I wanna let you guys know that I can't update this week either. It's been hectic over on my side (I'm a senior with one quarter of school left). I also have Anime Weekend Atlanta coming up, and I'm super busy with that.

I apologize, but life happens! I'll be sure to give you an entertaining picture from the con or something at least. XDDD;

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Hello Everyone! :) @ August 27th, 2010, 6:23 am

Hi! I'm PigeonStar, and I'm new here! Here is my comic Hell's Bells (sadly had to put in an underscore, because SJ hasn't retrieved the blasted unused url that has my comic's name. lol

I've already updated on DrunkDuck and Deviantart (which is btw, www.pigeonstar.deviantart.com ) So I have put out the pages I've updated to already here.

I update every Saturday! (schedule may change due to me going back to school soon!)

I'll also be making a new banner for my comic (I just needed a place holder for now, so I used my title page! sorry for the ugly!)

Anyway, enjoy! :)

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